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::: events :::

photo: ben owen

::: 2018.03.21 ::: premiere: the mill ::: tartu, ee :::

::: screening @ worldfilm festival :::

w/ daniel edward allen

wednesday 21 march, 13:15
eesti rahva muuseum
Muuseumi tee 2, Tartu

at long last, our film, the mill, will have it’s public premiere in the program of the 2018 worldfilm festival of visual culture in tartu, estonia!

more information and some short clips can be found here.

The Mill

  • Year of release: 2018
  • Duration: 35 min
  • Director: Patrick Tubin McGinley, Daniel Edward Allen
  • Original Language: English, Estonian
  • Country of production: Estonia
  • Shooting location: Estonia
The Mill is an experimental documentary focusing on the sensorial experience within an unmodernised paper mill in south Estonia. It is non-narrative, and although people are present there is no central human character. Rather, it is a cinematic investigation of a space, portraying one small part of the industrial world through the activity of the factory’s machines and the people who interact with them. At times the film verges on sensory overload, skirting the boundary between documentary and abstraction.

Director info
Patrick Tubin McGinley Patrick is an American-born sound, performance and radio artist, who works specifically with location and field recording in both documentary and abstracted form. He has recorded and designed sound for a number of films, released many albums of compositional work under the moniker Murmer, and produced Framework Radio, a program for the field recording community, for over 15 years. Daniel Edward Allen Daniel is originally from the UK and is from a photography background. His interest is in experimental forms of photography, especially analogue, and he is active in promoting this, as well as experimental film, in Estonia. He has given various workshops in this field, and has had photography exhibited and published in Estonia and abroad. Both now live in Estonia where they are involved in sound, photography and more mainstream film individually, and experimental film collectively. The Mill is their first film together and forms part of an on-going series that investigates Estonia as a regenerating post-occupation society.

see the description on the worldfilm website here.

::: 2017.11.17 ::: viljandi, ee :::

::: performance @ noisy november :::

w/ taavi suisalu

friday 17 novemeber
jakobsoni 18

this performance will be part of murmer’s ongoing ‘echo surveys’ series. the premise is straightforward: each performance is entirely unique and site-specific; all sounds heard are either produced live from materials found in the space, or have been prerecorded there during a reconnaissance visit. this is an attempt to retain a specific and direct connection with each space and each audience, and to retain a sense of risk associated with each performance.

::: 2017.09.02-10.08 ::: helsinki, fi :::

::: performance & installation @
arts in the environment nordic symposium 2017 :::

performance: saturday 2 september
between 16:00 and 20:00
installation: 2 september – 8 october
vartiosaari, helsinki

from october 25 until september 3 i will be participating in the arts in the environment nordic symposium 2017, taking part in the artist camp on the island of vartiosaari and working towards the production of both a live echo survey performance, and subsequent installation focusing on one specific location on the island. the live performance will take place during the opening of the group exhibition on saturday, 2 september. the installation will be a part of this exhibition, running on the island until 8 october.

a brief description of the project:

in 2012 i began a new series of performances which I call echo surveys. the premise is straightforward: each is entirely unique and site-specific; all sounds heard are either produced live from materials found in the space, or have been recorded there during a pre-performance reconnaissance visit. this is an attempt to retain a specific and direct connection with each space and each audience, and to retain a sense of risk associated with each performance. for arts in the environment the work with also include a site-specific installation, to be experienced in the location itself. the exact form and location of the sonic exploration of vartiosaari will be finalised during the artist camp.


::: 2017.01.17 ::: bucharest, ro :::

::: performance @ casa radio :::

tuesday 17 january
radio românia
strada general henri mathias beethelot 60-64, sector 1

murmer presents his live mix of field recordings from the räpina papermill, accompanied by mill footage filmed by daniel edward allen. from the organisers:

Celebram Ziua de nastere a artei si in 2017! Patrick McGinley (aka murmer) este artistul invitat pentru aceasta editie. El va performa live, in Studioul 15 al Radioului public, de la ora 23:40, iar evenimentul va fi transmis live pe site-ul http://artsbirthday.ebu.ch/.

Patrick McGinley locuieşte în Europa din 1996 şi opereaza in mediile sound, performance si radio. La baza creaţiei sale stă colecţia de sunete şi obiecte găsite, pe care a construit-o în ultimii 20 de ani. În 2002 a fondat framework, o asociaţie care produce o emisiune săptămânală de radio bazată pe înregistrări de teren primite de la colaboratori internaţionali.

Pentru accesul in institutie avem nevoie de confirmarea prezenţei. Cei care nu vor apărea pe listă nu vor putea participa. Mulţumiiiiim de înţelegere!

IMG_2872 edit

::: 2017.01.14-15 ::: bucharest, ro :::

::: workshop @ super/silent :::

saturday/sunday 14/15 january

ephemeral listening workhop, focusing on listening exercises, exploration of field recording and ‘alternative’ field recording methods, environmental interactions, sonic narrative, and radio art.

space is limited; please get in touch for more information and details.

2015-10-01 16.29.03 copy

::: 2016.09.10 ::: riga, lv :::

::: performance @ space textures X :::

w/ kate carr, simon whetham, solo operator, bērnu rīts, bred blondie, britis(c)h petroleum

saturday 10 september
goethe institut riga
torņa iela 1

i will be performing my live mix of field recording from the räpina papermill, accompanied my footage from the mill shot by my collaborator daniel allen. more details and links about the event’s other live performances, djs and visual artists:

Space Textures X

Kate Carr (Flaming Pines) [uk] – live

Simon Whetham [uk] – live

Murmer [us/ee] – live

Solo Operator (Kotä Records) [ru] – live

Bred Blondie (Kotä Records) [ru] – dj-set

Bērnu Rīts [lv] – live

Britis(c)h Petroleum [lv] – visuals

“Zebra” [de] – poetry film programm


::: 2016.08.23 ::: tartu, ee :::

::: performance @ tartu ülikooli muuseum :::

w/ dave phillips, tommi keränen, taavi tulev, daniel allen

tuesday 23 august
lossi 25
(museum ticket needed in case of rain)

helikoosolek returns with the first of it’s series of occasional events in tartu, featuring live performances in an amazing setting by:

dave phillips (CH)
tommi keränen (FI)
taavi tulev (EE)
patrick mcginley & daniel allen (EE/UK/US)



dp (aka dave phillips) re/searches and ponders existences and behaviourisms humanimalistically. sound as communication in direct and primal form, a language, a tool of metaphysics, a conscience and a consciousness. opposing the omnipresent restriction and reduction of life and living. sound communications that activate primordial shared emotions otherwise hidden under the debris of civilisation. inviting rumination, encouraging intervention, endorsing catharsis. therapeutical stimulation is acknowledged. sonic activism, ritual protest music.

dp is based in zürich, switzerland and has worked solo as dave phillips/dp since 1987. he is part of schimpfluch-gruppe since 1991 (with rudolf eb.er/runzelstirn & gurgelstøck, joke lanz/sudden infant etc.), co-founded ohne in 2000 (with tom smith, daniel löwenbrück, reto mäder), started the one-man-doom-project dead peni since 2004, co-founded fear of god in 1987 and has played in numerous bands, projects and collaborations.

dp has been sonically active for 30 years, has appeared on more than 200 releases and has played near to 500 concerts in 40 countries.

the VIDEO ACTION he will perform in tartu is an actionistic and physical performance accompanied by visuals. loops and samples of voice and objects are played live over prepared sonic structures and follow a compositional narrative. the visuals communicate personal and existential matters, questions, thoughts and criticisms, on personal, social and global levels. this set is an evocation of ‘humanimal’, a sonic ritual, a catharsis, an audio-visual exorcism or a type of neo-shamanist healing.




tommi keränen is a noise maker from helsinki. active since the late 1990s, he performs and records as a solo artist, and is a member of testicle hazard, large unit, köttskogen, gentle evil and the truckfuckers. He primary uses primitive electronics and non-standard digital synthesis – the resulting music is rugged slabs of vivid swirling noise. his discography consists of over two dozen entries ranging from cryptic tapes to critically acclaimed releases like the bats in the attic cd (among the wire’s rewind picks in 2010). he has collaborated with many artists including florian hecker, the incapacitants, lasse marhaug and phill niblock.



taavi tulev has produced and released several albums of music. he’s been making field recordings in nature for many years. besides that, his main work experience is in interior and architectural design and engineering.

creating soundscapes is a symbiosis of those two different fields of work. taavi’s ultimate goal is to make urban environments sound better.



patrick mcginley (aka murmer) is an american-born sound, performance, and radio artist who has been based in europe since 1996. since then he has been building a collection of found sounds and found objects that has become the basis of all his work. in 2002 he founded framework, an organisation that produces a weekly field-recording themed radio show, broad- and podcasting around the world. in 2005 he first visited southeast estonia, and relocated there permanently in 2009. most recently mcginley has been giving presentations, workshops, and performances based on the exploration of site-specific sound, and sound as definition of space. in live performance his interest in field recording has developed into an attempt to integrate and resonate found sounds, found objects, specific spaces, and moments in time, in order to create a direct and visceral link with an audience and location.

daniel allen produces work as an experimental photographer, and latterly an experimental filmmaker. he focuses on the estonian landscape and on human interaction with it, and on estonia as a transition society. these themes are expressed through the shared boundary between abstract painting and abstract photography; through a filmic examination of abandoned soviet military buildings; through modern estonian architecture, and the country’s remaining unmodernised traditional industry. he is an analogue film fan and is active in trying to bring experimental film to a wider audience through the experimental film evening, held regularly in tartu.

in 2015 mcginley and allen collected the material for their experimental documentary film about the old papermill in räpina. the material is being used in many different contexts: for the film itself, but also in exhibition, installation, and performance. for this event mcginley will improvise a live mix of field recordings from the mill, while allen will improvise a live mix of the video footage; sound and image react, coincide and conflict in an abstracted anti-representation of space.


::: 2016.08.17-20 ::: tartu, ee :::

::: installation @ Linnafestival UIT :::

wednesday 17 august – saturday 20 august
throughout the day, in various locations

throughout the tartu city festival UIT, my social sound installation kuulamispunkt (listening point) will appear around the city, sometimes near other events, sometimes on its own, presenting hidden and not-so-hidden sounds of tartu to passersby in the form of an information booth.

from the UIT website, in estonian:

Patrick McGinley on Ameerikas sündinud, ent Eestis resideeruv heli-, performance-, ja raadiokunstnik. Tema looming (nime all murmer) põhineb väikestel avastustel ja tähelepanu suunamisel, keskendudes leitud helidele, heli välisalvestistele ning leitud objektidele. Aastal 2002 rajas ta Framework Radio, mis esitleb iganädalast helivälitööde teemalist programmi. McGinley korraldab ka Eesti Rahva Muuseumis toimuvat töötubade sarja “Helikoosolek”.

Välisalvestaja (field recordist) on keegi, keda kohtab avalikus ruumis linlase perspektiivist nähtuna pigem kummaliste asjade heli lindistamas. McGinley sõnul tulevad möödujad üsna tihti küsima, et mida lindistaja parasjagu teeb. Patrick McGinley soovib seekord seda küsimust ennetada ja pakub möödujatele võimalust ise kuulatada.

Nelja päeva jooksul ootab Patrick McGinley heliinstallatsioon “Kuulamispunkt” kuulajaid Tartu eri paigus, et jagada nendega linna lähedalt kuulamise kogemust.

::: 2016.06.10 ::: hamburg, de :::

::: performance @ blurred edges festival :::

w/ nicolas list

friday, 10 june
brigittenstraße 5

as part of the blurred edges festival, i will be performing a live mix of found sounds and field recordings from the oldest continuously-operating industry in estonia, räpina paberivabrik (the räpina papermill), accompanied by video footage shot in the mill by british photographer and filmmaker daniel allen. this sound and video is the source material for our upcoming experimental documentary about the mill.


::: 2016.05.21 ::: jyväskylä, fi :::

::: performance @ taavettilan riihi & talk @ ti-la 2016 :::

saturday, 21 may
performance: 17:00
seminaarinkatu 15
talk: 19:00
kauppakatu 19
both free entry

Pixelache visits Jyväskylä and its’ Yläkaupungin Yö -festival 21. of May. The program of the visit reaches also to the neighbouring municipality, Petäjävesi. The program is based on the Pixelache Festival 2015 – Living Spaces, organised in Helsinki in autumn 2015. The festival explored the thematics of cultural decentralisation.

From Pixelache 2015 – Living Spaces program, sound artist murmer (Estonia/US) will bring his ‘Echo Surveys’ sound art performance to Jyväskylä in Taavettila riihi (the oldest wooden building in Jyväskylä, Seminaarinkatu 15, Jyväskylä) at 17-18. All the sounds in the performance will be produced by the materials found in the Taavettila riihi or are pre-recorded in the same space. Murmer wants to create an unique and straight-forward connection to the space and the audience as well as maintain an aspect of risk or surprise in his performances. ‘Echo Surveys’ can be experienced as a performance or as a pop-in-out sound installation.

Visual artists Johanna Juvonen and Biagio Rosa lead (S)low communication -workshop in Toinila (Koulutie 8, Petäjävesi), Petäjävesi at 12 – 15. Communication and distortion of messages are explored in this open-to-all low tech art workshop. The workshop will include building slow communication tools and network from recycled materials for the Toinila art path.

Patrick McGinley (murmer) and Johanna Juvonen & Biagio Rosa talk about their work in ti-la 2016 -gallery (Kauppakatu 19, Jyväskylä) the same night at 19-21. Pixelache 2015 – Living Spaces Festival co-director John W. Fail will talk about the festival. The co-directors of the 2016 Pixelache Festival Interfaces for Empathy -festival Mari Keski-Korsu and Petri Ruikka will talk about Pixelache theme for this year. Pixelache 2016 – Interfaces for Empathy festival will bring program to Jyväskylä in November 2016.

The sound performance, workshop and other program is realised in collaboration with Live Herring Ry, Yläkaupungin Yö, Petäjävesi municipality and ti-la 2016 -gallery. Live Herring Ry. produces (S)low communication workshop in the context of ‘Placing Media Art on the Map’ -project.

Detailed program

At 12-15 Johanna Juvonen and Biagio Rosa: (S)low communication workshop in Toinila, Petäjävesi (Koulutie 8, Petäjävesi). The workshop is free of charge and suitable also for kids. Children under 7 years can take part together with their parents. The workshop has max 20 participants. Register to participate by sending email to info@iveherring.or or calling 050-305 3540 before 12.5. There’s an effort to organise shared rides to the workshop from Jyväskylä.

At 17-18 Sound artist murmer’s (Estonia/US) Echo Surveys sound performance in Taavettilan riihi (Seminaarinkatu 15, Jyväskylä).

At 19-21 Pixelache presents itself ti-la 2016 gallery (Kauppakatu 19, Jyväskylä)

Murmer from festival 2015 program will perform also in Rovaniemi 7. of May. The visit to Rovaniemi is organised in collaboration with Magneetti Ry. The collaboration in between Pixelache, Live Heriring and Magneetti will continue in autumn 2016 when program of Pixelache 2016 – Interfaces for Empathy will tour both Jyväskylä and Rovaniemi. The events are supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation.

::: 2016.05.07 ::: rovaniemi, fi :::

::: talk @ napa-gallery & performance @ värinä gallery :::

saturday, 7 may
talk: 14:00
Kairatie 3
performance: 18:00
Valtakatu 19
both free entry

As a part of Pixelache 2015 Living Spaces festival touring program, sound artist murmer (Estonia/US) perform in Rovaniemi on the 7th of May. Murmer will bring his ‘Echo Surveys’ sound art performance to Culture House Valsa, soon to be torn down house in the centre of the town. All the sounds in the performance will be produced by the materials found in the Valsa house or pre-recorded in the same space. Murmer creates a unique and straight-forward connection to the space and the audience while maintaining an aspect of risk or surprise in his performances. ‘Echo Surveys’ can be experienced as a performance or as a pop-in-out sound installation.

Patrick McGinley (murmer) talks about his work in Napa -gallery the same day at 14 – 16. Pixelache 2015 – Living Spaces co-director John Fail will tell about the 2015 festival, as well as the co-directors for year 2016 Interfaces for Empathy -festival, Mari Keski-Korsu and Petri Ruikka, will talk about the theme for this year’s festival. Pixelache 2016 – Interfaces for Empathy festival will bring program to Rovaniemi again in November 2016.


The program is produced in collaboration with Pixelache, Northern Media Culture Association Magneetti ry, Napa-gallery and Culture Association Valsa.

Detailed program
At 14-16 Murmer and Pixelache in Napa-gallery (Kairatie 3, Rovaniemi)
At 18-19 murmer’s ‘Echo Surveys’ -performance in Culture House Valsa (Valtakatu 19, Rovaniemi)

Murmer from festival 2015 program will perform also in Jyväskylä 21. of May. The visit to Jyväskylä is organised in collaboration with Live Herring Ry. The collaboration between Pixelache, Live Herring and Magneetti will continue in autumn 2016 when program of Pixelache 2016 – Interfaces for Empathy will tour both Jyväskylä and Rovaniemi. The events are supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Northern Media Culture Association Magneetti ry is an organisation which gives exposure to northern artists and connects them to the international art world. Our foundations lie in internationalism and professionalism. Magneetti was set up in 2005 by Jetta Huttunen, Minna Rainio and Mark Roberts.

::: 2015.11.26 ::: london, uk :::

::: performance/presentation @ london college of communication :::

thursday, 26 november

Patrick will be presenting, in the context of his approach to field recording and environmental sound at large, sounds and images from the Räpina Papermill, the oldest continuously-operating industry in Estonia, where he had been recording and filming extensively over the past few years for various projects, in particular the upcoming documentary film ‘The Mill’ with collaborator Daniel Allen.


::: 2015.11.24 ::: oxford, uk :::

::: presentation @ playground :::

w/ debbie fieldhouse & christopher morley

tuesday, 24 november
arts at the old fire station
40 george street, oxford

Ep.25: The one with Sonic Bicycles, Documentaries from Estonia, and collaborative music making

Less than a week to go until some of the most exciting and fresh off the oven art projects are coming to an arts centre near you!

Tuesday 24th November, 7pm at the Gallery of Arts at the Old Fire Station Playground will be bringing you…..

Debbie Fieldhouse, straight out of the Contemporary Arts MA at Oxford Brookes, will be bringing her wondrous “Velophones” for you to experience up close! Do you like bikes? Do you like sounds? You should be getting very excited about this one! Some of Debbie’s work https://vimeo.com/user17376793

Patrick McGinley (aka Murmer) who some of you might have seen using the Hollywell Music Room as a percussion instrument in last year’s Audiograft festival, will be showing the makings of his recent documentary film, about a Peppermill in Southeast Estonia. His site: http://www.murmerings.com/

Christopher Morley (aka Crusoe) is a musician and composer who likes getting people to collaborate by adding and/or changing his music in real-time! Get your music loving fingers into that pie! Ie: https://soundcloud.com/the-diplomatic-core/satans-clans-are-coming-to-town-28102015

See you on Tuesday! Don’t forget to bring your curiosity, playfulness and of course your Instant Noodles!

Play nicely


::: 2015.11.17 ::: london, uk :::

::: presentation @ goldsmiths :::

tuesday, 17 november
cinema, richard hoggart building

Music Research Series and SPRS present:
Patrick McGinley, AKA murmer
One Square Meter: Small Scale Sonic Exploration

McGinley presents his experiments in small-scale sonic exploration.

We will examine and discuss perspective, perception, attention and focus through sonic surveys of small or unexpected spaces, as in his ongoing projects ‘One Square Meter’ and ‘Hidden Sounds’.

The Music Research Series is designed to help postgraduate students advance their research and careers. The events stimulate exchange, hones skills, facilitates the creation of professional networks and helps to consolidate the department’s postgraduate community, all over a glass of wine! Attendance is strongly recommended for all postgraduate students (MA, MMus and PGR) in Music but of course undergraduates, music researchers, and visitors from across the college and the community are also most welcome to these public lectures.


::: 2015.09.27 ::: helsinki, fi :::

::: performance @ krunan keikat :::

w/ adam cadell & film: talousennustajat

sunday, 27 september
krunan mestassa
meritullinkatu 6

Krunan keikka #13

Syyskuun lopun Krunan keikalla, klo 15 alkaen –
Äänitaidetta sekä sooloviulu:

MURMER (Patrick McGinley, USA/Viro)
ADAM CADELL (Australia)

TALOUSENNUSTAJAT (ohj. Reetta Huhtanen, 2015)


Tapahtuma on osa Pikseliähky-festivaalia,
vapaa pääsy!

(vuoden 2015 Krunan keikkoja tukee Helsingin kaupunki)


::: 2015.09.26 ::: helsinki, fi :::

::: performance @ pixelache 2015: living spaces :::

saturday, 26 september
meets at Käntöpöytä
Tallikatu, Pasila

group improvisational acoustic walkabout performance in the pasila railyard, showcasing the work done during the echo surveys for living spaces workshop, as part of pixelache 2015: living spaces


::: 2015.09.21-24 ::: helsinki, fi :::

::: workshop @ pixelache 2015: living spaces :::

monday, 21 – thursday 24 september
11:00 – 17:00
Tallikatu, Pasila

Echo Surveys for Living Spaces

Echo Surveys will be a sonic exploration of, and interaction with, a series of found spaces around the city of Helsinki. We will focus our activity on improvised sonic actions in which we attempt to give voices to our locations by producing sound using only the space itself and objects found therein (tools for resonance – mallets, bows, etc. – can be used). Participants will develop their attentive listening skills while learning to find sonic potential in everyday materials. No artificial amplification will be used, but our explorations will be documented for later examination, presentation, and discussion. Our work will be presented publicly towards the end of the festival as a series of live site-specific group acoustic performances. The workshop is led by Patrick McGinley (US/EE).

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 14.27.31
The workshop will begin with an extended listening session and discussion centering on environmental sound, attentive listening, and sonic perception. We will then move through a series of exercises and games designed to draw attention to the perceptive possibilities of listening and of sonic interaction with a space and a group. From day two we will begin exploring a preselected group of locations, developing techniques of interaction and improvisation that will lead to a public performance in each space. Participants are encouraged to recommend spaces that they think may be appropriate for our explorations around the city, particularly spaces that are in the Pasila district. They are also encouraged to bring any resonating tools they may have that would be useful in our activities: old violin bows, drumsticks, rubber mallets, etc. No prior sound or music experience is necessary, all that is necessary is a good set of ears and a willingness to listen carefully and respond.

The workshop will meet daily at Dodon Kääntöpöytä, in Pasila Railyard, from 11:00 until 17:00. The workshop will be mostly mobile, in the chosen locations, but will return to Kääntöpöytä at the end of each day for review. On Saturday at 18:00, the workshop will present and perform to the public, and this performance will also begin at Kääntöpöytä.

A pre-festival interview conducted by Pixelache can be found here: http://livingspaces.pixelache.ac/posts/interview-with-patrick-mcginley-murmer

Echo Surveys is co-sponsored by Âänen Lumo/Charm of Sound.

::: 2014.11.11 ::: cambridge, usa :::

::: presentation @ harvard university :::

tuesday, 11 november
harvard university

i have prepared a playlist of recordings made with ‘extended’ recording techniques (contact microphones, hydrophones, etc) for the group to explore and discuss before i reveal their origins. i will also be showing the mics i use and explaining their construction and use and how i think about them in my work. if we have time we’ll also try them out in/around the lecture room.


::: 2014.07.26 ::: kaluka, ee :::

::: performance @ non-existent villages :::

w/ villem jahu & derek holzer w/ marco donnarumma

saturday, 26 july
departing tartu @ 12:00, võru @ 14:00

The project of non-existent villages deals with culturally organized areas of landscape and activates spaces where human habitation has ceased. These villages are considered as null pointers; those points existing on maps and in cultural memory but which have lost the objects being refered to. The exhibition connects the villages in question conceptually and/or technologically to the exhibition space, links proto machines and/or rural symbols to contemporary technological culture.

Participating artists excavate embedded meanings in these culturally changing environments and search for intersections of traditional and contemporary cultural practices.

The closing event, a joint tour, takes place on SATURDAY 26th of July starting 12:00 from Tartu / 14:00 from the Võru City Gallery and passing by all the installations in the landscape, also featuring sound performances by Derek Holzer + Marco Donnarumma, Patrick McGinley and Villem Jahu.

2014-07-26 14.22.03

::: 2014.07.24 ::: kiila, fi :::

::: performance @ kiilan kansainväliset äänipäivät :::

w/ keränen & jookla

thursday, 24 july
kiila beach & westers café
kiila, finland

Kiila International Sound days.
Jooklo duo (IT), Murmer (Patrick McGinley) (US/EE) and Tommi Keränen (HKI).
Murmer 16:00 at the beach
Tommi Keränen 18:00 at Westers
Jooklo 20:00 at Westers

2014-07-24 13.58.09

::: 2014.07.19 ::: varbuse, ee :::

::: presentation @ eesti maanteemuuseum :::

saturday, 19 july
eesti maanteemuuseum
vana postitee

presentation of my (light-hearted) project mushroom(ears) in the context of the estonian road museum’s road art festival, about the use of a quasi-jecklin disk recording set-up to record sounds from the perspective of mushrooms in the ihamaru forest just off the historical tartu-võru postal road where the museum is situated.

each recording was made from the perspective of the pictured mushroom, with a pair of small-capsule omnidirectional microphones placed on the mushroom cap as ‘ears’, with stereo separation created with a cardboard and felted-linen semi-circular barrier, amounting approximately to one-half or a jecklin disc. observations: at this time of year, mid-july, bird sound is low in the forest, leaving more space for distant sounds and insects. as such, i would like to repeat the experiment with a lower-noise microphone. also, the black windshields seemed to attract insects – a more neutral color would be preferable. here are three examples:

puravik (bolete):
2014-07-17 14.09.35

kitsemampel (gypsy mushroom):
2014-07-17 14.44.29

kukeseen (chanterelle):
2014-07-17 15.33.11


::: 2014.06.09 ::: jaffa, il :::

::: performance/presentation @ hanut 31 :::

monday, 9 june
hanut 31 gallery
hanut 31, jaffa
free entry

early evening artist talk, listening session and discussion.


::: 2014.06.08 ::: jerusalem, il :::

::: performance/presentation @ ha-mazkeka :::

sunday, 8 june
shoshan 3

early evening artist talk, listening session and discussion.