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::: 2018.03.21 ::: premiere: the mill ::: tartu, ee :::

::: screening @ worldfilm festival :::

w/ daniel edward allen

wednesday 21 march, 13:15
eesti rahva muuseum
Muuseumi tee 2, Tartu

at long last, our film, the mill, will have it’s public premiere in the program of the 2018 worldfilm festival of visual culture in tartu, estonia!

more information and some short clips can be found here.

The Mill

  • Year of release: 2018
  • Duration: 35 min
  • Director: Patrick Tubin McGinley, Daniel Edward Allen
  • Original Language: English, Estonian
  • Country of production: Estonia
  • Shooting location: Estonia
The Mill is an experimental documentary focusing on the sensorial experience within an unmodernised paper mill in south Estonia. It is non-narrative, and although people are present there is no central human character. Rather, it is a cinematic investigation of a space, portraying one small part of the industrial world through the activity of the factory’s machines and the people who interact with them. At times the film verges on sensory overload, skirting the boundary between documentary and abstraction.

Director info
Patrick Tubin McGinley Patrick is an American-born sound, performance and radio artist, who works specifically with location and field recording in both documentary and abstracted form. He has recorded and designed sound for a number of films, released many albums of compositional work under the moniker Murmer, and produced Framework Radio, a program for the field recording community, for over 15 years. Daniel Edward Allen Daniel is originally from the UK and is from a photography background. His interest is in experimental forms of photography, especially analogue, and he is active in promoting this, as well as experimental film, in Estonia. He has given various workshops in this field, and has had photography exhibited and published in Estonia and abroad. Both now live in Estonia where they are involved in sound, photography and more mainstream film individually, and experimental film collectively. The Mill is their first film together and forms part of an on-going series that investigates Estonia as a regenerating post-occupation society.

see the description on the worldfilm website here.

::: work-in-progress: the mill :::


since 2009 i have been working with the local räpina paper factory for the handmade sleeves that have housed the various framework editions releases, culminating with framework500, which not only used paper made there, but featured recordings of that paper being made. during the recording sessions for framework500 i couldn’t help but think that what really needed to be made at the mill was a film.

since early summer 2015, my friend and collaborator daniel allen and i have been recording the paper mill in all it’s surreal, other-worldly glory, and we now think we have what we need to make our film about this incredible space.

the film will take us some time still; in the meantime, we have put together this 3-minute teaser with some of our footage. we’d be very happy to hear any comments you might have! hopefully we can get the final product finished by the end of 2016.